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The team behind all aspects of BiteMedicine


Dr Zac Hana

King's College London

The organiser and dreamer. He gets a thrill managing the team to ensure deadlines are met, whilst also developing key strategies to ensure the BiteMedicine vision is realised. He can be quite scary at times, but he's a big soft bear at heart.

Head of Business Development

Dr Azeem Alam

King's College London

The delightful doctor. Azeem is an academic clinician in London and was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen's New Year's Honours list for contributions to medical education. He has a PGCert in Clinical Education and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Azeem is also an avid researcher with over 30 publications, as well as a talented songwriter.

Head of Content

Dr Shuaib Siddiqui

MB BChir, University of Cambridge

The big brain doctor. When he isn’t busy dressing so fly, he’s also commanding the frontline with Azeem to produce top-tier medical content. Some say he reads guidelines and research for fun. Shuaib has completed his MRCP qualification and currently works as a radiology registrar.

Head of Community

Dr Richard Phillips

MB BChir, University of Cambridge

The community godfather and MedEd enthusiast. Think of him as your go-to man. So, if you would like to join our ever-growing community and team, then Richard is your guy. This gentle giant will make you feel right at home. Richard graduated with distinction and is now pursuing a medical education AFP in Birmingham.

Our User Advisory Board

We work closely with Medics and Students to make sure our product serves our community best

User Advisory Board

Lihini Wanniarachchi

Tianjin Medical University

Hi! I’m Li, from the Pearl, Sri Lanka. I am currently a 4th year Medical Student at Tianjin Medical University, China. Medicine to me has always been a dream since childhood - being here now is a blessing beyond compare! I’m keen on pursuing Surgery, but only time will tell for sure. Apart from medicine, I’m a part-time writer and model. I have far too many hobbies to list (the world is your stage, or so they say)! I love and am super grateful to be a part of BiteMedicine, a platform from my far eastern corner of the world!

User Advisory Board

Soňa Jesenakova

University of Aberdeen

Hey everyone! I am Soňa, a second year medical student at the University of Aberdeen. Having explored only a small proportion of all the different medical specialties, I am keeping my options open! When not studying, I really enjoy spending time with my dog or dancing salsa and bachata.

User Advisory Board

Caitlin Culyer

Plymouth University

I am soon to start my final year of medical school which will be in Torbay Hospital, in the South West of England. My speciality interests are Emergency Medicine and Trauma Plastic Surgery - I really enjoy the acute, high pressure situations. My biggest passion outside of medicine is fitness - power weight lifting, boxing, swimming, and endurance cardio - the best form of stress release!

User Advisory Board

Steffi McLucas

BSc (Hons)
University of Manchester

Hello! I’m currently a 2nd year MSc Physician Associate student at the University of Manchester. I’m the Educational Lead for Manchester’s PA society, a student sub-committee member for the North West PA forum and a student ambassador for Manchester Medicine and Dentistry. I’m keen on Medical Education and mentorship and have a specific interest in Acute and Emergency Medicine.

User Advisory Board

Pooja Rathod

BSc (Hons)
Newcastle University

I'm a Biological and Chemical Sciences graduate and current first year MSc Physician Associate Studies student. During my first week in placement I was handed the diathermy and suction in theatre, and since, then I am really keen to pursue pioneering roles for PAs in both primary and secondary care, but especially within operating theatres. I am also keen to get involved with targeted medical education for Physician Associate students.